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Le Founder, the Goddess of Words

             Dhakeria Little, is an actress, dancer, author, playwright, poet, speaker, truth teller, and empoweress, which all can be summed up by saying "modern day Renaissance Woman." She is also the proud mother of two brilliant Princesses and Queen of a fearless, talented, and supportive King who is also her business partner and co-founder of Little Big League Productions, LLC. She and her multi-talented husband produce, create, and perform transformational art; and coach and train artist to create and perform powerfully. A proud alumni of Howard University's illustrious Fine Arts Department, she leverages her strong theatre roots and combines it with her post graduate experience as a professional actress, dancer, choreographer and playwright, performing in prestigious venues such as the Ritz-Carlton, Van Wezel (Sarasota FL), The Asolo Theatre (Sarasota, FL), The National Black Theatre Festival (Winston Salem, NC) as well as non-traditional stages such as a furniture store, outside on the street during festivals, and in conference rooms to name a few. Having been met with crowds of audience members in tears after experiencing the power of her story and performance, she is truly humbled and dedicated to provide this experience over and over and to train others to be able to do the same with their story and art.

Her gift of being a Power Performer qualifies her to bring the power out of you and lead transformation within you. She is The Power Coach and Performance Strategist. She empowers women to own their authentic self by leading them to discover their E.P.I.C. Factor. She works with entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers, performers, and creatives to pull their story out of them for them to stand on and use as a power tool. As a result of working with her you will notice a boost in your power, clarity of your purpose, and you will stand in your power and on your story, loving who you really are. Do you know of anyone that could use some extra power? Contact us today!

"Get Positioned for POWER!" ~ The Power Coach & Performance Strategist

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