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Ayneka “Neka” Scott, a proud native of Atlanta, Georgia, is a motivational speaker, author, coach, and mentor. She is the Founder of Diamonds & Pearls Sisterhood (D&P), her 501c3 organization that she founded in 2009. As a mother of four amazing children, she realized her passion for her daughters and girls like them to have an outlet to create arts & crafts in a safe environment was a burning desire, which gave birth to her organization. Fueled by her mission to create an environment where girls will feel inspired and empowered to be bold and confident in their individuality while loving themselves and the skin they’re in unapologetically, she continues to imprint beliefs and values onto the lives and hearts of young ladies that will forever change their lives and community by leading them to discovery of endless possibilities, teaching them the importance of sowing and reaping an endless harvest of goodness and inspiring them to serve others selflessly. Her work with the youth revealed a need to reach out to the parents of the youth to support the growth of the youth. Mrs. Scott published her book entitled “The Butterfly Guide” as a vital tool for both youth leaders and parents. Her new program, “Hello Cupcake” for girls, was created to assist single parents both mothers and fathers with preparing their daughters for her first period, to equip parents and girls with a product that will change the way girls view their changing bodies. She hopes to spread empowerment like a wild fire by providing experiences of self-love and sisterhood that will last a lifetime.

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