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progress memeOk part of my process [STILL] is me being regenerated by the Spirit. The hold up for most where the power of process is interrupted usually is caused by the presence of shame, guilt, regret, and creates a spin cycle. My show is a delicate piece of work, one of the most delicate I've ever dealt with because it's MY story. It means I tell my truth and I stand there in front of hundreds of eyes fixed on me while I do it. It's the risk of exposure that causes one to not go full out, to not go dance on the cusp and not go deep... but it's that exposure that creates connection, healing, and growth.

So part of my process has to be dealing with the shame, guilt, regrets, and fear associated with my past.
This time, I've worked some of that exact process into the show! I figured that part of my process should be seen as well. It's the solution to some of the problems you see me go through in the show. So I've added it in and I truly feel it has increased the power of the show greatly.
The work I've been doing lately with storytelling and power shows the importance of telling the triumph as well as the trials in order to lead transformation. I had both present in the show. But I've noticed that what was missing was the between. The active part of the process that took me from the trial to the triumph. What does that look like? How does it translate in energy exchange? I'm all about the power of the gift emitting not just the presence of the gift but the power of it transferring from you the giver to the life transformation of the receiver. This is what I do as a Power Player.
I know that my ministry requires the fullness of my gift. That for me is bigger than shame guilt and fear. So I step out and go big and dig deep and give it all. In my experience, it has shown me that with all of my faults and flaws, I was not alone. I gave someone a voice and I gave someone hope. I am a vessel that God flows through for someone to receive their breakthrough and transformation.
I had to go outside of my comfort zone to learn all of this. No sufficient growth happens within a comfort zone. It's the risks that lead to discoveries and progress. Process will take you outside of your comfort zones, but it's up to you to go. You can't rely on boxed thinking like, "this is how I am" or "I've always done it this way" or "I'm too shy for that." Just step out and DO IT! Even if you have to do it afraid.

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