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The textbook definition of the word Naked is- bare of any covering, overlying matter, foliage or the like; without clothing or covering.

In our world, there are many suggested behaviors or societal expectations and perceptions that we are consciously and subconsciously influenced by, which affects how we show up in this world. It affects how we "do" life. Most often, it causes us to focus on more of our external presence than the internal architecture that greatly informs who we are and what we are and what we are uniquely and divinely designed to contribute to the world in which we live. What begins to happen as a result of not being aware of our inner self (who God created us to be) we take on the superficiality of the things around us that are propagated to support the agenda of someone other than ourselves. This causes us to build a system of falsehood and we then become unfamiliar with who we are authentically. We get into situations and align ourselves with people who are not congruent with our purpose. This in many fashions is "life." We are allowed to make mistakes and trip up, start over and try again. But we are also given brilliant minds and the power of free will which is about choices, decision-making. We get to liberate ourselves, through making choices. The choice to live in your purpose, which is where you find your joy and peace, can only be arrived at by being aware of the power in your authenticity. Your authenticity is often trapped beneath layers of "stuff" that you have taken on to coexist in a superficial world.

So the removal, or stripping away of this "stuff" to get to who you are authentically and to live on purpose with purpose in your hand-crafted God-design, is the process of being Naked.


To be NaKed, by my definition is to be vulnerable, transparent and to yield to your transformation, not someone else's, yours! It's your ticket to freedom. It's the liberation from the robotic, manufactured, superficial persona created by the guidelines of someone else's perception of who they believe you should be. If they didn't create you, they don't get to design you or designate you for a destiny they fabricate for you.

Adjusting your course to the expectations of others will drain the life out of you and is one way we give away our power. Trying to pattern ourselves after someone else without figuring out our purpose and finding our authentic self, and our authentic voice, we close the portal to our inner power, we turn the volume down on God and our choices result in shame, guilt, defeat, lack, anxiety, depression, desperation, etc.

So it is absolutely necessary to be naked, be authentic, and live in our purpose. Everything that has happened to you up until now is a part of your story, the guilt, the shame, the abuse, the rape, the's all a part of your fabric so there is no need to shrink back in fear of exposure, because it's actually your power tool, your story is a power tool.

Do you feel the bulkiness of the "clothing" covering up your brilliance?

Are you buried beneath "stuff" that makes it hard to have peace and joy authentically?

Are you incapable of finding your purpose and have spent too much time living according to someone else's expectation?

Do you feel the obesity of "stuff" clogging the arteries through which your gifts, talents and abilities should flow?

Well I invite you join the #nakedmovement and to make a bold declaration for yourself:

  • I declare I will drop this dead weight and live freely in my purpose!
  • I will not allow those who did not create me to dictate the way I live.
  • I will own my power and stand boldly in it!
  • I am a masterpiece and I will let my mastery shine!
  • My power is in my nakedness, so I will shed the layers of "stuff" that cover my authenticity! 

Be YOU Authentically. Your brilliance deserves to shine!

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