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The intimate nature of the readings requires hosts to be open, honest and nurturing to promote an environment conducive to breakthroughs and transformation. The greatest gift a person can give to another is the space to express themselves in the rawest format. The world craves these spaces and the healing people need happens in these spaces.So becoming a Naked Reading Host is much more than hosting a reading, it is a process of growth and development, healing and raising the frequency of your power to live abundantly. It's about leadership. It's about community. So, not everyone is ready for such an undertaking and it doesn't require a massive overhaul of your life or a putting off of what you already have going on in your life, but rather an enhancement, an invitation to invite a support force into your life to expand and enhance what you're already doing and how you're already growing. I'm offering you the opportunity to bring your mastery to the table and connect into a world of endless possibility that creates a life-changing effect in the lives of others.

The current hosts have inspired me so much by being willing to take on their own journey of personal development and standing in their power! I am in the process of developing a program for Host training and development. The Host Program will be an investment opportunity for hosts to grow in leadership, impact and revenue simultaneously. This is a world-class opportunity to Boss Out. Are you game?! If so fill out an application below and let's take what you're already doing and get even more dope with it. Whatever it is that YOU DO, the culture and mastery of it will be paired with transformational poetry, story, and conversation to create a beautiful, powerful event that people can come to and leave transformed.

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