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I'm breathing since I joined this group. Sharing my message and embracing my message. It gets better! Being Naked!
Stephanie Naked Community
Last night was insanely POWERFUL and words cannot express how much of a release took place. Women from all walks of life found we had so much more in common."
Neka Naked Readings
....day 7! Omg this poem spoke volumes to me...I love your creativity and willingness to abandon selfishness and share your inspiration of poetry with us. I'm inspired to dig deeper today. I'm convinced I will find the answer I've been looking for. I'm certain I won't be disappointed. I'm grateful for this journey.I have my hands and feet knee deep in truth and maturity and I can't wait where this journey takes me....thanks for your passion and purpose. Pour in us!
Shanay 31 Day Power Poem Project

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