The Process to…Naked

processFor my process in preparing for my upcoming show "Naked," I'm literally finding nuggets and inspiration in pretty much everything, buuuuut to be more intentional I have been committing to meditating more frequently and reading more consistently from different texts while pairing them with research and other reference material and supplemental reading for a deeper understanding. I am drawing notable connections between this work and the work in rehearsals, such powerful stuff.

Today's rehearsal was pretty awesome, to say the least...the reading/meditation today took me to Genesis.

The two pieces that I dug into from the show were "drowning" and "nauseous"...these two pieces took me on an incredible journey...

Now Genesis 3, specifically when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree of good and evil, caused them to become aware of their nakedness but in such a way that they were ashamed. The main reason I came to Genesis 3 was in search of content that would shed light on womanhood and motherhood in the biblical perspective. Because the first two pieces of the show are of motherhood and then I take you back to where it all began...when I first got my period at the tender age of 10. So naturally I wanted to be more connected to the underlying message so that I can internalize it spiritually and emotionally. But the scripture didn't link up with my script least not in the respect that I had intended or expected. BUT the rehearsal was super amazing because I sunk into the moment and lived the fullness of each moment within. The text leapt from my soul and created a thickness in the environment that I know could feed the soul of any willing patron in or nearby the vicinity of the stage I created right where I was. That was incredible to me. It felt good.
But I was still asking God what did Genesis 3 have to do with the work I had done today.
This is the REAL part about PROCESS. Sometimes, well actually often times, you won't know the purpose of the lesson, the reference, the download, or even have the full revelation but you still have to fully take it in and own it. I couldn't reject it, which is so easy to do. When you don't see the purpose in something or it seems useless you tend to discard it.
This isn't the first time I've done this show, but I certainly feel the difference in its ministry both internally and externally. I am patient to let every nuance emerge and let the essence flow forth...

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