VLOG Series: 7 poetry videos [video 5]

Commentary and Discussion

Today’s poem is all about self-love and identifying the Queen in you! “Queen” has become a popular term that I’ve often seen used in praise of a woman whom is admired. Well we should turn that on ourselves and begin to admire ourselves for being Queens. We should praise God on the inside of us for coming through. We should be in awe of how God created us (and I mean looking in the mirror). We are His masterpiece and that should make us walk with dignity and strength in each stride.


I found that when I began to stand in my power I was able to see my crown. I was able to own my royalty. If you notice the succession of the series, I began not truly knowing who I was and I definitely wasn’t standing in or owning my power. I had to grow to this point of acknowledging even, that I was a Queen. So here’s the new conversation in the mirror. I will not talk negative about me in the mirror. I will not dispute my beauty or ignore my heritage. I see my legacy and it’s beautiful. I thank God for being on the inside of me, with His Spirit teaching me to master my inner glow in order to magnify my outer shine. I own that I’m a Queen. I had to first understand that before God granted me the proper access to my King.


See, being in a relationship with a man I absolutely adored and loved so hard, while having a child and being unwed was a devastating yet valuable part of my journey. I was wondering why marriage kept fleeing in the distance when we had the right ingredients. But what I had not done was the inner work, the discovery of self, to be who he needed. I hadn’t been living my divine truth. I hadn’t accepted myself to be a Queen whose worth is far above rubies. I had still placed my worth in a lowly space and not in heavenly places. So in order for him to be molded as my King I had to be willing to step away and be molded mind, body, and spirit into the Queen I always was destined to be.




  • Know your worth.


Don’t look for it to be in someone else. You are fearfully and wonderfully mad ALREADY.


  • Show your worth by…


Living virtuously. People are watching you, and if you have children they are definitely watching you, so choose your actions wisely. Don’t act purely out of emotion. Feelings are fickle. CHOOSE to live in harmony instead of constant chaos.


Living authentically. Be yourself always. Don’t try to duplicate what someone else is doing or being. You were created with a unique fingerprint and blueprint that is unlike anyone else’s. That’s something to love and rejoice about! Love yourself for who you are NOW. Define beauty your own way and start with what is inside.


Living in your Naked Truth. Be unapologetic about your divine design and your testimony. Always assess where you are and how far you have come. Just really be grateful for how far you’ve come and tell the truth about that journey, if to no one else but yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. You already know the truth, so lying to yourself creates imbalance. Speak life to yourself.

Now let’s chat Queen!! Drop your brilliance in the discussion below!

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