VLOG Series: 7 poetry videos [video 6]

Commentary and Discussion


This piece is really special because it's the part of my story that revealed the transformation and expansion of my WHY. Giving birth to my daughter was the birth of a new me. A new level of greatness was born within me. My worl was infused with purpose on a whole 'nother level. See, when you understand that there's a reason for you to be great that is bigger than you, you begin to sense the urgency in serving that purpose.

You have to discover the reason why you do what you and connect to that in a very real way. Fear cannot stand up to your connection with why it is you do what you do. Inadequacy cannot take over when your "why" is deeply embedded in you. When you are firmly rooted adn grounded in purpose energized by passion and fueled by why serving in your purpose is not optional, but necessary and imperative, you then become a force unlike any other.

Becoming a mother has made me so determined and laser focused on building an empire. It has transformed me in many ways. So let's chat!! Check out the discussion questions and let's hear what you have to say to add your brilliance to the conversation!



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