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The Naked Readings are an intimate and powerful experience that is the discussion place for women to "strip" away the layers of "stuff" in their lives. It is the space where women are open and tell their stories, support and celebrate one another in community. The world craves intimacy. It is through intimacy that healing is most prominent because, through intimacy, that vulnerability has a greater chance. Hosts are thoroughly prepared to lead transformation by being vulnerable and transparent as they read poems from my poetry book that resonate with their journey. They create an atmosphere that allows energy to flow fully into the place where the breakthroughs happen. This is why the Readings are so powerful. It has the production quality of a show, but the healing and therapy of a sister circle; a red tent experience if you will. The "Naked" attendees find themselves in the different facets of my story which speaks to the journey of most women. An attendee from the Naked Reading ATL said she received her confirmation at the reading. This confirmation she speaks of is the breakthrough that came as a result of letting go and being in the way of the healing and delivery of her answers or instructions in her journey. Another attendee sent a message to the host the next day saying, "Thanks for inviting me. I'm going to start being more vulnerable. #iamNaked." This is not random excitement or hype, but it's manifestation and transformation. There are far too many people suffering in silence, and being held hostage in a story narrated by someone else when all they need to do is jump off the page and grab the pen. This is the experience you receive at a Naked Reading.

Want to be a fabulous, fearless host and host your very own Naked Reading?  Pop on over to the Program Details room under the Host Program tab of our virtual home for more info on the Host Program, a most liberating "Boss" investment!

Join the team and Host your Naked Reading!

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